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At Solace Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc., we are inspired by your words to continue as your reliable Hospice Care provider. It is such an honor to receive your appreciation. We will regularly update this page with testimonials from clients, patients and their family members.

From the DME Company:

Our company has worked with Solace Hospice for just over a year. During this time, we enjoyed building a good rapport to ultimately meet their patients’ medical needs. As one of their vendors, we appreciate their attentiveness, professionalism, and responsiveness. Solace is devoted to providing their patients the best care for all their needs. We value the partnership we have with Solace and are grateful for allowing us to serve as a compliment to their mission in caring for their patients and families.

Cecilia, daughter of patient:

I felt that Solace helped me a great deal, my family and I really appreciate all the help, could not have done it without everyone. Everyone did a great job and definitely met my expecations. Especially the nurses, every time I call, would accommodate my needs right away. Staff was always very polite and got back to me. They were a great source of comfort to our family, they were wonderful too.

Joan, wife of patient:

Staff was very accommodating and patient with us. It was nice to talk to a live person right away every time I called.

Linda, daughter of patient:

The nurses were just wonderful with my mom. They takes great care of her and she just loves them.

From a Facility Social Worker:

“I refer to this agency because of their promptness and reliability. The fact that I speak to a live person each time matters.”

From the Wife of a Deceased Patient:

“I appreciate all the help my husband and I received from the office staff, nurses, and home health aides. They were compassionate and caring. I especially liked that my husband was cared for in our very own home. It made things a lot easier for us.”

From a Physician:

“I like working with small companies such as Solace. They take the time to consult and speak to the family about the services and in turn, it alleviates me of having to do the guess work.”

Joann, daughter of patient:

“Rody the nurse is fantastic and goes beyond and above his duties. All of your employees should be as caring and concerned for their patients.”

“Thank you for the loving and compassionate care which you showed my father and my family. At all times we were comforted in the knowledge that we were surrounded by a wonderful team of medical providers and understanding staff. Hyeju and Rhauddy are very knowledgeable practitioners; they provided excellent medial care to my father. The Solace staff members were always available to answer the phone and to forward my questions and concerns to appropriate individuals for a prompt response. I took advantage of their kindness and considered them an excellent resource – I never hesitated to call when I had a question or a concern.

I just have to add that in July or early August, we had tried the services of another, larger hospice provider. They were highly touted by Elmhurst medical professionals. We disengaged their services after less than two weeks. While the reasons for that termination are numerous, there are two huge factors that are worth noting. Yes, they provided a lot of glossy books and pamphlets. By comparison, Solace it appears directs their resources to providing necessary medications and top of the line equipment, such as an air mattress, to avoid the development of bed sores. Second, the nurse practitioner and social worker of this other organization seem to give perfunctory examinations of my father and did not inspire any confidence in their abilities.

I mention this to contrast it with the entire Solace Team. Everyone from the individuals who answered the phone to their medical director demonstrated care, compassion, and medical knowledge that assured us that we were not alone in this very difficult journey.”

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